Haus Of Gaudichon Photography was founded on a sincere passion for, and love of  fine art photography.  My passion for creating artistic, contemporary images is matched by my efficiency and creativity in all of our projects.  Utilizing a mixture of Taoism and Zen design, my images present components with simple and clean lines, as I attempt to capture 21st century visualization in a way that rejuvenates and encompasses my interpretation of fine art.


Haus Of Gaudichon Photography is a Fine Art Photography business created by me, founder, Étienne, and based in San Diego, California.  Available services include:

-  Luxury Fine Art Photography

-  Intimate | Nude Photography

-  Architecture | Interior Design Photography 

*  Custom Abstract Canvas Paintings [by commission only]

Most recently, the company has dedicated its energies to humanitarian philanthropy, and is currently interested in starting a children's school in Africa.  It is this delving into what lies within the human life that enables us to capture the truth within its subject matter.


As a photographer, I choose projects that are intrinsically pleasant, yet, are in dire need of exploration.  I am not limited by the physical conditions of my surroundings… as my work goes far beyond the cosmetic...